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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little surprise

although is late to do something for him and finally i can!!!
but still hope he can feel my love and yes , must surprise him AHAHA
picture picture !
Thank you my lovely friends who keep complain but still accompany me do stupids things with me hahaha
Lots of love 

Hope my baby can cry me river haha or at least a drain xP

so colorful :D 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Charles Bridge

 we walked because we can walk haha
love to walk because i can spend more times together with him :')

Mr. Poser King, he is my everything ! thank you brought me here, one day will me my turn to bring you to somewhere :D

Spot the Charles Bridge :)

The Charles bridge tower

End of the bridge
to another beautiful street :)
And we found the local famous biscuit yumm !! he wanted to find it so long and he was so happy !! glad to see his smile :)

to be continue.... we locked something :D hope it works mwahh
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